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ABOUT US • Welcome to the Children’s Culture House Ama’r

'The Children’s Culture House Ama’r' is located on Amager in Copenhagen.

The house offers workshops, courses and events hosted by professional artists and experts specializing in culture focusing on children at the age of 0-16 years.

The purpose of the centre is to give children the opportunity to improve themselves in a creative process, and to develop their understanding of the world as well as improve their self-esteem.

Some of the workshops are for children on their own. Others are for families, and a large number of workshops are oriented towards schools and institutions. About 700 children visit The Children’s Culture House Ama’r every week.

The Children’s Culture House Ama’r has existed for 20 years. In 2008 it became part of the 'Amager Culture Point' run by the Municipality of Copenhagen. In February 2013 The Children’s Culture House Ama’r finally moved into a unique building by the architect Dorte Mandrup, based on children’s ideas and terms, including space and facilities for creativity, experiments and play.

The house was “Building of the year 2013”, awarded by the magazine “Byggeri”.